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The Ultimate Strategy For Trizzle Pogo Game

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The Ultimate Strategy For Trizzle Pogo Game

Do you love puzzle games? Play Pogo Trizzle game and get up to 5,000 tokens. Give Trizzle Pogo a try to play with many colorful dolls and exciting puzzles.

Trizzle Pogo Game

Play Trizzle Pogo Game

There are numerous online games available on both PC and mobile phones now. And Trizzle Pogo is among the most popular game now. Play the game, you may be addicted. You try to finish each part of the game to earn trophies and get the highest score. You even can beat your own score and re-line the trophies on the shelf.

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Điểm neoTrizzle Pogo Is Free Online Game

Play Pogo Trizzle game, you will match the Russian nesting dolls. To match dolls, you have to slide columns and rows of dolls to line up three of the same size and color. With each right match, the dolls will become bigger and help boost up your scores.

Try to keep making matches to get scores and gain high levels. You also have additional moves at each new level. When you finish the mission, you will earn exclusive trophies. Remember, these missions are automatic, and you only make progress by playing.

You can see the “Boosts” box in the game. What is it aimed at? It can create new matching opportunities, recolor the doll, helping you complete the mission easily.

How to play Trizzle Pogo

Here’s a detailed guide to playing the game:

Trizzle Pogo Game

Trizzle Pogo Game

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  • Slide rows or columns up and down or left and right to form the matches.
  • Find and reorder to match three or more dolls that are in the same size and color. Starting the game, the dolls are small. Then, three small dolls generate a medium doll. And similarly, three medium dolls create a large one.
  • If you line up three large dolls, it makes a Mega Match. The function will clear these large dolls and increase the size of other dolls around them.
  • In case you need help, click “Boosts” to keep going. It recolor, grow the doll size, or even clear one from the board.
  • Don’t run out of the limited moves as the game will be over. Make use of an “Extra Life Boost” as you can get an additional five moves.
  • Try to continue the game, grow your dolls, and get more scores. When you move to the new level, it offers you extra moves.

Note: When in doubt, remember that you can use Boosts to keep the game longer and earn tougher trophies.

Play Trizzle Pogo game today for free. A cute game and nice music tune while playing. Give it a try.

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