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The hottest game than ever! Word Whomp HD Pogo

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The hottest game than ever! Word Whomp HD Pogo

No need to look for an interesting game anymore! Let’s read article and play Word Whomp HD Pogo game now!

Play Word Whomp HD Pogo

Have you ever heard about this irresistible spelling game? Word Whomp HD Pogo will never make you disappointed! There are many challenges during the game, and you will have to create as many words as possible using the 6-given letters. How interesting it is!

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How to play

Below are the instructions on how to play this game. Let’s check them out!

Word Whomp HD Pogo

Word Whomp HD Pogo

  1. Before playing the game, it is necessary to know its target. What you need to do is spelling as many words as possible by the 6 given letters. Remember that your words need to contain three letters in length at a minimum. No proper names, abbreviations, or contractions are accepted.
  2. When playing, you can use either the letter tiles and the buttons on your screen or the keyboard. Use the provided letters to type any words that you think are correct. If you want to undo a letter, just click on the “backspace”. Click on “enter” when you want to submit your current word. The “space” will help you to mix up the available letters.
  3. Nestor will appear when you spell the words. He uses your bonus carrots on the bottom of the screen to progress. Let’s help him to reach the goal by spelling all the words!
  4. You can choose a level between 1 and 3. If you want to get a higher skill level, you need to earn more points. Remember that it is not so easy due to the more challenging of the game.
  5. There is a “Mix up” button for you to use whenever you cannot find the words. Such a button will shuffle all of your letters.
  6. When the game is over, any words that you could not find will be revealed. Don’t forget to have a look at them as you may see them again in your future puzzle.

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You cannot find all English words in the game’s dictionary as it does not contain every word in English. What it can do is just covering a variety of common words.

In summary, the post has shown you the major details of the Word Whomp HD Pogo game. Now it’s time to download and experience it right away! Also, let’s share it with friends and Play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game now!

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