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Solitaire Gardens – Play Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game

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Solitaire Gardens – Play Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game

Try out Solitaire Gardens, Pogo’s relaxing new take on traditional solitaire! Prune away boredom as you stack the card and earn flowers to your garden.

Play Solitaire Gardens Pogo

This game is Pogo’s own twist on solitaire gameplay. With each layout (or level if that more familiar to you), you one step forward in your garden exploring. Along the way, you need to collect garden equipment in order to tend to your flowers.

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After 5 level-completed, you will receive a badge and new items. From there, you can plant your very own garden and have fun with it!

How to play Solitaire Gardens

There is something you need to know about Solitaire Gardens. And we give you exactly that. Here are how you play this game:

Garden Leveling: Each new and unique card layout is presented by a flower by the border of the garden. Coming back anytime for the one that you favor among this lovely garden. Badges are given for those who finish yellow flower quests.

Basic Game Play: Right-click on the card that lower or higher than the deck below in 1 unit. Simply enough, right?

Flower Power: Flower Power Meter is filled by any card you matched without using the draw pile. A 5-card streak will double the score. Subsequently, a 10-card streak will triple the score. A score bonus of 5000 points will be yours if you can match 15 cards in a row!

Play Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game

Play Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game

Multiplier Card: This card will double, triple your card if you can find them. A bit tricky but the reward is worth the hustle.

Watering Can and Thirsty Plant Cards: Just like gardening, sometime you must pour your heart for a flower to bloom. Once all of the watering cans have been matched, the plant cards that crave for water will be unlocked.

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Shovels and Dirt Pile Cards: You must match the shovel cards to remove the dirt card blockers om the map. Then, you can clear the dirt and widen your garden. More land, more flowers.

Vines: Vines are vicious and stubborn. They require an extra match. If you encounter card with vines growing on it, you’ll need to match that card 2 times The first match will delete the vine, and the second match will erase the card.

Stars: Your score, your left card and, your click on each card determine how many stars you can get.

Điểm neoPlay Pogo Solitaire Gardens Game today and reap the fun out of it.

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