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Pogo Bowl – Play Pogo Bowl Game

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Pogo Bowl – Play Pogo Bowl Game

A super game was created for the fans of Pogo Games. Read article about “Pogo Bowl” to learn how to play Pogo Bowl Game now!

I guess many of you are real fans of bowling, right? So, how often do you go to the bowling centers? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year? Or hardly ever? What prevents you from going to the bowling regularly? Money or time?

Play Pogo Bowl Game

With the Pogo Bowl Game, everything is in your hands. You do not need to go to the centers anymore or worry about time and money. Just stay at home and enjoy bowling.

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How to play Pogo Bowl Game

Playing this game will easier than ever if you follow my instructions.

  1. To get your ball to any positions that you want, just move your mouse right or left. Whenever you feel that it is the right position, click on the ball. Then its position will be set.

Don’t forget to drag your mouse up to the lane area when the mouse button is held down. There will be a pointer noticing you when you do this. Just move such a pointer to any places you like, and release the mouse button after that.

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  1. In the first nine frames, you have two times to bowl at each frame, and it is the maximum time. The maximum times will increase to three times when you are in the tenth frame and above.

For those who can knock down all the pins for the first time of throwing, they will be awarded a Strike. That strike is equal to 10 points. If you just knock down some or even no pins at your first time, don’t worry as you still have another time to try. That time you can receive a spare. When you can knock down some pins at the first throw, but unable to knock down the remaining at the second one, you will have a frame called “open”. Such a frame will prevent you from getting high scores.

  1. 300 points are the maximum scores of the game. When it is over, the knock-down pins are converted into Tokens with a ratio of 1:1. In case you are on top, you can earn more tokens, and even the bonus spins or bonus strikes.

What a perfect game, right? If you feel so curious, then why don’t you download and experience it? No more time to hesitate! Let’s try it right now!

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