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Canasta Pogo – Play Pogo Canasta Game

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Canasta Pogo – Play Pogo Canasta Game

Canasta of is a perfect free online gaming a casual game with a world of excitement waiting for you. Know more about Pogo Canasta here.

Play Canasta Pogo

Have you already had a Pogo account? Not yet quick to register offline with brief steps and quickly just your date of birth, Gmail only. It sounds simple!

And especially today, I would like to introduce you to Canasta Pogo. Canasta Pogo is a card game where players can play with robots or play with you. This game is only for Club Pogo Members Free Trial. Reaching 5,000 points before your opponent is the target of the game.

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How to play Canasta Pogo

Specifically, Canasta Pogo allows 2 to 4 players (2 teams). 4-player Team Canasta Pogo is just the same as regular 2-player Canasta, except that both members of the team contribute to a shared meld pile. During the game, every player, in turn, draws the top 2 cards of the stockpile OR picks up the entire discard pile. Then you discard one card. (You can hold plenty of cards in your hand if you pick up lots of discard piles.) To win, discard all of your cards before your opponent! Like Gin, players pick up and discard on every turn for forming melds. Unlike Gin, suits and straights do not matter in Canasta Pogo. Melds include three or more cards of the same number. Players will lay their melds face-up on the table on their turn. When melds include seven or more cards of the same number called “canastas.” Canastas are valuable bonus points.

2’s and Jokers are wild that can form melds with any other card, but they cannot be melded all by themselves. If you discard all of your cards before your opponent, you win the hand! You must have at least 1 Canasta to meld out.

Pogo Canasta Game

Pogo Canasta Game

Quick Tips

Every Red 3 is worth 100 points. Collect Red 3’s for increasing your Rank and earn Game Award Badges!

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IMPORTANT things you should pay attention to:

You must complete every game to receive credit for your Red 3’s! The reward will be credit for your red 3’s when either you or your opponent reaches 5,000 points. Canasta Pogo will undoubtedly make you not disappointed. We hope you will enjoy Canasta Pogo. Good luck to you!

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